Courses taught as Assistant Professor at the Tennessee Tech University, USA:

    • CSC 4570/5570: IT Security (Fall 2020)

    • CSC 2903: Special Topics - Introduction to Cybersecurity and Privacy (Spring 2020)

    • CSC 4575/5575: Information Assurance and Cryptography (Spring 2020)

    • CSC 3300: Database Management Systems (Fall 2019)

Courses taught/graded at the University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, USA:

  • Grader for graduate course:

    • CS 5323: Principles of Computer and Information Security. (Spring 2018)

  • Teaching Assistant and Lab Instructor for under-graduate courses:

    • CS 1713: Introduction to Computer Programming II. (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

    • CS 4953: Advance Software Engineering. (Summer 2015)

Courses taught as Assistant Professor at DIT University, India (2012 - 2014):

  • Instructed under-graduate (B.Tech) courses: Database Management, Advance Database Management, Data warehouse and Mining, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Fundamental of Computers and Programming, Object Oriented Concepts.

  • Instructed graduate (M.Tech) courses: Advance Database Management Systems.