I have got a chance to meet and advise some of the best students. Here are them:

Current Students

Past Graduate Students

Thesis: A Data-Driven Approach for Early Detection of Cryptographic Windows Ransomware

First Employer: Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Thesis: Explainability-Enhanced Malware Classification and Targeted Misclassification

First Employer: National Security Agency

Thesis: Enhancing Edge IoT Digital Forensics with Machine Learning Based Cyber Attacks Classification and Reconstruction 

First Employer: Department of Defense

Project: Development and Dissemination of Adaptable AI-Assisted Cybersecurity Educational Modules

First Employer: Tennessee Valley Authority

Thesis: Automated Machine Learning for Malware Detection with Deep Learning

First Employer: Department of Defense

Thesis: Online Malware Classification with System-Wide System Calls in the Cloud 

First Employer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Thesis: Analyzing and Explaining Machine Learning based Online Malware Detection in Cloud 

First Employer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Thesis: Exploration and Detection of Denial-of-Service Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems

First Employer: Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Thesis: Detection and Classification of Polyglot Files Using Machine Learning

First Employer: Sandia National Laboratory

Thesis: Analyzing Online Behavioral Malware Detection in Cloud using Convolutional Neural Networks

First Employer: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Past Associated Students (both undergraduates and graduates)