I have got a chance to meet and advise some of the best students. Here are them:

Current Students

    • Kshitiz Aryal (Expected PhD Spring 2025)

    • Tanjila Mawla (Expected PhD Spring 2025)

    • Sina Sontowski (Expected MS Spring 2022)

    • Austin Brown (Expected MS Spring 2022)

    • Philip Brown (Expected MS Spring 2022)

    • Jeffrey C Kimmel (Expected MS Spring 2022)

    • Daniel Simpson (Expected MS Fall 2022)

    • Glen Cathey (Expected MS Summer 2022)

    • Mary Adkisson (Expected MS Spring 2022)

Past MS Students

  • Andrew D McDole (MS Spring 2021)

Thesis: Analyzing Online Behavioral Malware Detection in Cloud using Convolutional Neural Networks

First Employer: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Thanh Pham Kim (BS Spring 2021)

  • Jacob Strikler (BS Spring 2021)

  • Marlana Hatcher