Maanak GuptA

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Cybersecurity Education, Research & Outreach Center

Tennessee Technological University, TN, USA

Looking for hard working and motivated students. If Secure Cyber Physical Systems, IoT, Cloud Computing, Malware Analysis and AI/ML assisted security is interesting, shoot me an email. Funding opportunities available.

Maanak Gupta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Tennessee Tech University where he leads the Applied and Basic Cyber Security (ABCyS) research group. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), under the supervision of Prof. Ravi Sandhu in December 2018, and has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Cyber Security, UTSA. He is also an associated faculty with the CEROC: Cybersecurity Education, Research & Outreach Center at Tennessee Tech. His primary area of research includes security and privacy in cyber space. In particular, he is interested in studying scientific foundational aspects of access control and their applications in real world 21st century technologies including cyber physical systems, precision agriculture, smart cars, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and Big Data. He is also interested in AI and machine learning driven security solutions including malware analysis and classification for Cloud IaaS. His scholarly work is regularly published at top peer-reviewed security venues including ACM SIGSAC conferences and refereed journals. He was awarded the 2019 computer science outstanding doctoral dissertation research award from UT San Antonio. His research has been funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, US Department of Defense (DoD) and private industry. He holds an MS in Information Systems from Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

Latest News:

  • October 2021: Paper titled "Edge Centric Secure Data Sharing with Digital Twins in Smart Ecosystems" accepted in IEEE TPS 2021. Congratulations Glen.!!

  • September 2021: Paper titled "Quasi-Wireless Capacitive Power Transfer With Secure Data Acquisition for Robotic Systems in Space Infrastructure" accepted in IEEE WISEE 2021.

  • September 2021: Paper titled "Leveraging Aviation Risk Models to Combat Cybersecurity Threats in Vehicular Networks" published in MDPI Information.

  • September 2021: Sina Sontowski received the Best Poster award (Graduate Runner Up) at Women in Cybersecurity conference 2021 for her research "Cyber Attack Exploitation of a Smart Farm Architecture". Congratulations Sina.!. We published the full version of paper at IEEE CIC 2020.

  • August 2021: Project titled "CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (Renewal): An Enhanced and Integrated Scholar Experience in Cybersecurity" has been awarded by NSF (award 2043324). Thanks to NSF.!

  • July 2021: Paper titled "Attribute-Based Access Control for AWS Internet of Things and Secure Industries of the Future" published in IEEE Access.

  • July 2021: Paper titled "Image Watermarking Approach Using a Hybrid Domain Based on Performance Parameter Analysis" published in MDPI Information.

  • June 2021: Paper titled "Detecting Anomalous User Behavior in Remote Patient Monitoring" accepted in IEEE IRI 2021.

  • May 2021: Paper titled "Analyzing Machine Learning Approaches for Online Malware Detection in Cloud" accepted in IEEE SMARTCOMP 2021. Congratulations Jeffrey..!!

  • May 2021: Paper titled "Recurrent Neural Networks Based Online Behavioural Malware Detection Techniques for Cloud Infrastructure" published in IEEE Access. Congratulations Jeffrey and Andrew..!!

  • Looking forward to our workshop ACM SaT-CPS 2021. Please register and join as participant for free. More information at

  • Will Co-Chair the ACM CODASPY Panel on April 26 & 27.

  • April 2021: Paper titled "Towards Activity-Centric Access Control for Smart Collaborative Ecosystems ", accepted in ACM SACMAT, 2021.

  • Jan 2021: Paper titled "Ontology driven AI and Access Control Systems for Smart Fisheries", accepted in ACM SaT-CPS Workshop co-located with CODASPY 2021.

  • Dec 2020: Paper titled "Future smart connected communities to fight covid-19 outbreak", accepted in Elsevier Internet of Things Journal.

  • Dec 2020: Paper titled "YieldPredict: A Crop Yield Prediction Framework for Smart Farms" accepted in IEEE Big Data 2020.

  • Nov 2020: Paper titled "Knowledge Enrichment by Fusing Representations for Malware Threat Intelligence and Behavior " accepted in IEEE ISI 2020.

  • Nov 2020: Paper titled "Cyber attacks on smart farming infrastructure", accepted in IEEE CIC 2020. Congratulations Sina..!

  • Sep 2020: Paper titled "Secure V2V and V2I Communication in Intelligent Transportation using Cloudlets", accepted in IEEE Transactions on Services Computing.

  • Sep 2020: Paper titled "An Attribute-Based Access Control for Cloud Enabled Industrial Smart Vehicles”, accepted in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.

  • Sep 2020: Paper titled "Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Systems for the Cooperative Smart Farming Ecosystem”, published in IEEE Access .

  • Aug 2020: Project titled "Artificial Intelligence Assisted Malware Analysis" has been awarded by NSF (award 2025682). Thanks to NSF.!

  • June 2020: Book chapter "Deep Learning Techniques for Behavioural Malware Analysis in Cloud IaaS" accepted in Malware Analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Springer.

  • June 2020: Project titled "Quasi-Wireless Capacitive (QWiC) Surface Power for Adaptive and Reconfigurable Sensor Elements on Space Infrastructure" has been funded by NASA. Thanks to NASA.!

  • April 2020 : Paper "Access Control Model for Google Cloud IoT " accepted in IEEE BigData Security 2020.

  • April 2020 : Students received second ranking for poster titled "Detecting Illegitimate Use of Legitimate Credentials" presented in 2020 Research and Creative Inquiry Day. Congratulations Austin, Philip and Kendall.!!

  • April 2020 : Paper "'Analyzing CNN Based Behavioural Malware Detection Techniques in Cloud IaaS" accepted in CLOUD 2020. Congratulations Andrew McDole.

  • March 2020 : Paper "A Smart-Farming Ontology for Attribute Based Access Control " accepted in IEEE BigData Security 2020.

  • Feb 2020 : Paper "Next-Generation Big Data Federation Access Control: A Reference Model" accepted in Future Generation Computer Systems.

  • Feb 2020 : Paper "Security and Privacy in Smart Farming: Challenges and Opportunities" accepted in IEEE Access.

  • Jan 2020 : Paper "Learner's Dilemma: IoT Devices Training Strategies in Collaborative Deep Learning" accepted at IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things.

  • August 2019 : Awarded Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Research Award 2019 from UTSA Computer Science. Thank you ICS for all the support and to my adviser Prof. Ravi Sandhu.

  • August 2019 : Joined as Assistant Professor at Tennessee Tech!

  • Jan 2019 : Joining as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute for Cyber Security.

  • Nov 2018 : Successfully defended PhD Dissertation Defense.

  • Nov 2018 : Paper accepted at ACM CODASPY 2019, Dallas, USA.

  • June 2018 : Our research featured in Rivard Report - "UTSA Researchers Study Cyberthreats for Connected, Smart Cars".

  • May 2018 : UTSA press release - "UTSA researchers create security framework to stop cyber attacks on internet-connected smart cars" .

  • May 2018 : Our research featured in Business Journal - "UTSA researchers explore cybersecurity tools for autonomous vehicles".

  • April 2018 : Poster 'Access Control Needs in Smart Cars' accepted at IEEE Symposium S&P (Oakland'18), San Francisco, USA.

  • April 2018 : Awarded IEEE Symposium S&P (Oakland'18) Travel grant, San Francisco, USA.

  • April 2018 : Paper accepted at ACM SACMAT 2018, Indianapolis, USA.

  • Jan 2018 : Paper accepted at ACM ABAC 2018, Tempe Arizona.

  • Oct 2017 : Awarded Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) Student Travel Grant, Dec 5-8 2017, Orlando, Florida.

  • Sep 2017 : Poster accepted at UTSA College of Sciences Research Conference, Texas, USA.

  • Aug 2017 : Successfully defended PhD dissertation proposal.

  • July 2017 : Presented a research paper at DBSec 2017, Philadelphia, USA.

  • June 2017 : Presented a research paper and poster at SACMAT 2017, Indianapolis, USA.

  • April 2017 : Two Papers accepted at DBSec and SACMAT 2017.

My professional profiles:

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in Security and Privacy in Cyber space. My current focus is mainly on:

  1. Foundational aspects in authorization including Access Control Models and Formal safety analysis.

  2. AI and Machine Learning assisted security including Malware Analysis and Adversarial attacks.

  3. Application of 1 & 2 in:

  • Internet of Things, Smart Connected Cars and Cyber Physical Systems.

  • Secure Cloud Computing.

My publications can be found here.

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Tennessee Tech University, Tennessee, USA, Aug 2019 - Present.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Cyber Security, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2018 - 2019.

  • Research Assistant, Institute for Cyber Security, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2015 - 2018.

  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2014 - 2015.

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, DIT University, Dehradun, India, 2012 - 2014.


Personal Briefing

I was born in Karnal, Haryana, India where I was raised in local vicinity playing cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. I like to travel and visit new places, play outdoor sports, and cardio exercise. I am an enthusiast of current affairs and avid listener of television debates. I am keen to learn new vocabulary words, idioms and phrases. I am also a freelance event manager and have worked with several associations to organize cultural and social events.